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When you become a member of Healthy Home Professionals, you have access to our three innovative products that put the “peace of mind” in homeownership. Each product has powerful benefits, and when used in symphony, homeowners enjoy a complete set of resources to achieve a safe, healthy, efficient, and comfortable home.


DO How many things are waiting to be checked, fixed, or upgraded in your home?.

With Healthy Home Professionals, you have all the tools to DO. We help you identify action items and connect with the right Pros to make it happen.

DO gives you:

  • Project List & Maintenance Schedule
  • Prioritized List of Critical Tasks
  • Convenient Reminders
  • Tips on How to Do It Yourself
  • Easy Tools to Hire a Pro

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MONITOR How much money have you spent on unexpected leaks, damages, and breakdowns in your home?

Healthy Home Professionals gives you the ability to proactively monitor the health of your home. We help you become aware of potential breakdowns and risks, giving you the power to make informed decisions.

MONITOR gives you:

  • Tools to Prevent Catastrophic Failures
  • Tracking List of Distress Areas Convenient
  • Reminders for How & When to Check Problem Areas

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How often do you dig through old files, search for hardware store receipts, or give a shrug of “I don’t know”?

Healthy Home Professionals makes it simple to reference every detail of your home, from the kitchen paint color to the date, cost and description of your last maintenance call. With a thorough record of all work performed in your home, we help you better understand the home’s current condition and even increase its resale value.

DOCUMENT gives you:

  • Inventory of all elements of the home
  • Detailed Reports & Dashboard Metrics
  • Valuable Insight for Your Pros
  • Online, Tablet & Mobile Access
  • Organized Maintenance Records

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