Preventative Maintenance Program

We relieve the burden of routine maintenance with a Preventative Maintenance Program that gives you the who-what-where-when-why of home maintenance. Say hello to sleeping in.


Do small problems linger around your home because it’s just not worth the money and energy to fix? Do you worry that your home needs major upkeep but don’t even know where to start? Our Preventative Upkeep & Maintenance Program (PUMP) empowers you to take the driver’s seat in managing your home. PUMP is your key to preventing costly failures in the home so you can rest easy that everything’s up to date.

PUMP gives you:

  • Have the knowledge of what needs to be maintained and when
  • Clear timeline and direction on how to get it done
  • Convenient reminders Access to resources and Pros that can help
  • Organized record-keeping tools to track work performed in your home

We take the heavy lifting out of home maintenance with a custom Preventative Upkeep & Maintenance Program that takes care of all activities in the home.PUMP accounts for every element of your property and uses a Smart Rating system to give you snapshots of what needs to be updated and when. By performing maintenance a little at a time all year long, homeowners save money with the innovative technology of a Preventative Upkeep & Maintenance Program.

No more playing catch-up. No more surprises. No more feeling out of control managing your own home.

Try our Free Trial today and and PUMP up the health, safety, efficiency and comfort of your home.


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